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Barred Plymouth Rock

The first breed to bear this name was first exhibited at America’s first poultry show, held at Boston, Massachusetts in 1849. It is believed that this strain was lost and the original strain of Barred Rocks used now was first shown at Worcester, Massachusetts in 1869. The Barred Rock was accepted to the first Standard of Perfection in 1874. 

 Barred Plymouth Rocks or "Barred Rocks", as they're called, are one of America’s oldest and most popular dual-purpose chickens on small farms today. With conflicting stories, Barred Rocks are believed to have been developed in New England in the early 1800's by crossing Dominiques and either Black Javas or Black Cochins.  

 But regardless of its beginnings, the Barred Rock chicken has spread to every part of the U.S. and is an ideal American chicken. Their solid plumpness and yellow skin also make them a beautiful heavy roasting fowl.

Price:  $15.00 each